Snake Lake Construction


Snake Lake Group of Companies


Recent Projects

  • Land Clearing / Stump Out Property
  • City of Prince Albert: Demolition of Building
  • City of Prince Albert: Muzzy Drive Landscaping
  • Denison Mine: Aggregate Crushing and Road Repairs
  • Department of Highways: 28,000 tonnes of haul, Crushing- 65,000 tonnes of production
  • Custom Crushing: 32,000 yds misc. product
  • Crystal Springs Colony: Earthworks and aggregate production and haul (35,000 yds produced, 26,000 yds hauled)
  • Department of Highways: 8 culverts installed in different locations throughout Saskatchewan (900mm-2000mm CSP)
  • Sasktel: Relocation of building in Northern Saskatchewan.
  • Aggregate Production: Borden Saskatchewan (30,000 yds)
  • Tisdale Land Fill Expansion: Clay lined landfill cell, surface collection pond, road improvements
  • Cookson Road Repairs: Sub base and base improvements on road failures, installation of geotextile system
  • RM Crushing throughout Saskatchewan: RM of Clayton (70,000 yds), RM of Blaine Lake (30,000 yds)

McArthur River Operation

  • Major Excavation Work for South Freeze Plant;
  • Read Creek Crossing Upgrade with Dual Hi-Volume Culverts;
  • Multiple Camp Expansion Projects:
    • Major Kitchen Upgrades;
    • Two new 252 room wings and main complex with major concrete works; and
    • D-Wing Construction.
  • Building Relocations;
  • Airport resurfacing;
  • Explosive Magazine Refurbishing;
  • Concrete Work for Electrical Substation Installation;
  • Propane Installation;
  • Sewage Lagoon;
  • Pond Liner Repairs;
  • Temporary Contractor Camp Expansion;
  • Heated Aggregate Storage Pad;
  • Commercial Transfer Buildings – Slickline Building;
  • Aggregate Production to Specification;
  • Mineralized Waste Ore Haul; and
  • Road Maintenance Contract.

Key Lake Operation

  • Fish Channel Restructuring;
  • Environmental Enhancements – Creek/Fish Management
  • Mechanical Upgrades to Mill Processing Infrastructure;
  • Permanent Camp Cooler Upgrade;
  • Tailings Management Utilidor Relocate;
  • Ammonia Recovery Upgrade;
  • Contractor Camp Renovations;
  • Permanent Camp Modifications;
  • Compressed Gas Bottle Room;
  • Heated Scan Facility;
  • Acid Plant and Steam Plant Facility Earthworks Backfill;
  • Fire Training Pad;
  • 250 Person Contractor Camp; and
  • Aggregate Production to Specification.

Rabbit Lake Operation

  • Mold Remediation;
  • Residential Camp Renovations;
    • Entire refurbishing of bathroom facilities.
  • Progressive Decommissioning of Waste Piles;
  • Aggregate Production;
  • Aggregate Haul – Heavy Equipment Services;
  • Mill Process Upgrading and Refurbishing;
  • Main Camp Repairs; and
  • Eagle Point Office Renovations.

Cigar Lake Operation

  • Road Building and Installation of a 30 meter Single Span Two Lane Bridge;
  • Several Holdings Pond Construction;
  • Excavation for Freeze Plant
  • Aline Creek Erosion Control;
  • General Site Services; and
  • Road Maintenance.